Tuition & Fees
Annual registration fee - $20.00 per student.  When students register during our 3-day registration in August, they receive a free “Dance Centre” tee shirt.
One-hour Classes
1st class - $55.00 per month
2nd class - $49.50 additional per month
3rd class - $44.55 additional per month
4th class - $40.09 additional per month
5th class - $36.09 additional per month
6th class - $32.48 additional per month
45-Minute Classes
1st class - $44.00 per month
2nd class - $39.60 additional per month 
3rd class - $35.64 additional per month 
4th class - $32.08 additional per month 
5th class - $28.87 additional per month 
6th class - $25.98 additional per month 
7th class - $23.38 additional per month 
8th class - $21.04 additional per month 
Tuition discounts apply to siblings.
Recital pictures are taken every June prior to the recital.  The photographers come to the studio and photograph each class.  You may have your child/children photograph individually after the group picture.  We ask that each student attends “picture day” so we have a picture of the entire class for the studio.  You are under no obligation to purchase recital pictures.
Recital Costume fees:  Approximately $55.00-$70.00 per costume.  The Dance Centre does not have an additional “recital fee” for participation.
Recital Tickets:  Our annual recital is held at the Historic Valentine Theatre downtown Toledo.  There is an admission fee per person.  Advance tickets are $20.00 per adults and $10.00 per student.