Classes, Dance FAQ’s, & Programs

Below is a description of the type of dance classes and the programs that are offered.  We offer combination classes at the beginning level and single subject classes in all disciplines at the intermediate and advance levels.  Our age groups are:  Juniors, ages 7-9/10 years, Teens, ages 10/11-14 years and Seniors, ages 15/16-18 years.  The “KinderKombo Program” is very popular with our preschooler’s ages 3-6 years.
     Jazz dancing is a kind of theatrical dancing of many styles.  Over several years there were many and varied forms of dance that led to “jazz dancing;” modern dance, theatrical dance, folk dance, show dance, “African” dance, “Street“ dancing and “Hip Hop” are a few of the styles.  An example of jazz dancing present day can be seen in music videos.  However, this is only one form of jazz and one should not be led to believe the only form.  Every young dance student views jazz dancing as fun and energizing.  Along with having fun, we teach a strong technique and dance vocabulary; very important for any style of jazz dance.  The style of jazz taught at the Dance Centre is complimentary to the age of the student.
Beginning students, 7-9/10 years of age, are placed in the one-year “Introduction to Jazz/Tap” combination class.  After one year of study, the student will graduate to the 45-minute single subject class in jazz.  Beginning thru advance level jazz classes are offered to the junior, teen and senior dancers.  Three different times of the dance season, we offer “Hip Hop” and “Lyrical Jazz” Workshops to expose the students to these popular styles.
     Tap dancing is a series of regulated and controlled rhythmical movements of the feet, usually to the accompaniment of music.  Tap dancing develops coordination, quickness of the feet and musical rhythm.  Serious dancers who desire to become accomplished in tap dancing should consider studying ballet, which is very important for their development as a dancer.
Ages 3-6 years can enroll in the “KinderKombo Program.”  Students 7-9/10 years of age can choose the one-hour “Introduction to Jazz/Tap” combination class.  Combination classes (tap/jazz or tap/ballet) continue to be offered to the student as they get older and graduate from the KinderKombo Program.  Most often a class of young students will continue to dance together in a combination class until they are eight or nine years of age.  At this point in time, the student may choose a single subject tap class (45-minutes).  Beginning thru advance level tap classes are offered to the junior, teen and senior dancers.
     This is designed for ages 3-6 years of age.  These combination classes are one-hour and meet once per week.  The “open door” policy applies to these classes but we ask only one parent observes.  Please no other guests.  Too many guests are very distracting to both the students and teacher.
KINDERKOMBO I:  A tap and tumbling combination class for 3 and 4 year olds.  Basic tap steps and tumbling skills are taught in this class, which develops foot coordination, flexibility, upper body strength and gross motor skills.  This class also teaches this young age group how to listen and act out simple instructions and develops their attention span.
KINDERKOMBO II:  This class is a ballet and tap combination class for 5 and 6 year olds.  The tap curriculum is similar to the KinderKomb I class but progressively teaches more steps and combinations.  The ballet section of this class, teaches very basic ballet skills, the position of the arms and feet.  Simple ballet movements are taught in dance combinations.
     Many teachers believe that ballet is the foundation of all types of dance.  The teachers here at the Dance Centre have adopted this principle.  The vocabulary and movement learned in ballet is also used in all the other disciplines of dance.  The Dance Centre teaches the Cecchetti Method of ballet training.
Often times a ballet tells a story about people and events.  It can also be a combination of beautiful, graceful movement accompanied by music.  Ballet can be extremely beneficial to a student attending one lesson per week, although perfect technique may not be accomplished.  The serious student of dance should consider at least two “flat” classes per week and eventually advance to several classes each week.  Ballet develops poise, grace, rhythm and can bring pleasure and a feeling of accomplishment to both the “serious” and “recreational” student.  Ages 7 years and older may enroll in a one-hour ballet class.